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Our Office Manager, Leuz

Specializing in Women’s Health

Dr Maherali is the founder of the Kitsilano Naturopathic Clinic and has a special interest in women’s health. She offers evidence-based natural medicine options that are customized to cater to the patient.

Find the Underlying Cause to Your Illness

At the Kitsilano Naturopathic Clinic we design medical programs to address virtually all manners of illness with a focus on prevention as well as addressing the underlying cause of illness. Our treatments employ a non-toxic drugless approach that is safe and effective. Treatment programs may include dietary and lifestyle medicine, clinical nutrition, botanical or herbal medicine and homeopathic interventions to enable the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. When the body is exposed to unhealthy dietary practices as well as other external stressors, this can interfere with normal functioning. The body however has a tremendous innate capacity to heal itself and it is the role of the naturopathic physician to provide the ambiance for healing to take place whether through dietary or lifestyle medicine or nutrition.

Illness Prevention

With the incidence of various diseases on the rise namely heart disease, diabetes and hormone-related cancers it is imperative that a healthcare program addresses prevention too. As we get older and as we are living longer it is also essential that we enjoy a good quality of life. Good health is more than just the absence of disease but also consists of achieving an optimal body composition. The total body weight is not as important as what your weight is composed of, specifically the proportion of muscle, in relation to fat and water. As we age, muscle is replaced with fat and typically manifests with an increase in abdominal girth or “belly fat.” If a patient’s health concerns have been addressed but they are still walking around with “belly fat” then our work is not done. It is our duty at the clinic to empower patients to take charge of their health, decrease their risk of disease propensities significantly to enjoy a sustained quality of life with increased lifespan.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

On your first visit Dr Maherali will obtain a comprehensive history of your personal medical, family history, including lifestyle practices as well as other stressors in order to obtain the underlying cause of illness. This information will equip her with the essentials to commence you on your path to healing. It is the mission of the clinic to design a health program that is individualized to suit your needs. At the clinic we care about assisting our patients in achieving their optimal health potential. This year we will be celebrating our tenth year!