Kitsilano Naturopathic Clinic Vancouver Welcomes You

Dr Maherali is the founder of the Kitsilano Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver and has a special interest in women’s health. She offers evidence-based natural medicine options that are customized to cater to the patient.

At the Kitsilano Naturopathic Clinic we design medical programs to address virtually all manners of illness with a focus on prevention as well as addressing the underlying cause of illness. Our treatments employ a non-toxic, drugless approach that is safe and effective.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us…

 "I highly recommend Dr. Maherali to anyone who is serious about their health through a holistic approach. I have been under Dr. Maherali's care since 2003. I continue to remain under her care for myself and my 6 year old son."
~ Astrid, Vancouver BC