What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit Dr Maherali will obtain a comprehensive history of your personal medical and family history, including dietary and lifestyle practices as well as stress and environmental toxic exposures in order to determine the underlying cause of illness. Patients are instructed to bring any supplements, medications, or pertinent laboratory bloodwork or imaging studies to their first visit. Dr Maherali may conduct a physical exam or require further testing to gain insight to the origins of your health issues. This information will equip her with the essential elements to commence you on your path to healing. 

What conditions do naturopathic physicians most commonly treat?

Naturopathic physicians treat virtually any acute or chronic condition. Although there is a time for prescription medications and surgery, it is always wise to implement the least invasive approach to healthcare first. Naturopathic physicians continually strive to determine the underlying cause of illness and work with their patients to realize their optimal health potential. Many patients will seek naturopathic care when they have exhausted their options and are pleasantly surprised that naturopathic doctors can not only address the symptoms but also the root cause to their illness. Often patients without any medical condition will seek naturopathic care to be proactive in optimizing their health to prevent illness and improve their state of well-being. 

Is there coverage for naturopathic care under MSP or extended health plans?

Naturopathic physician services may be subsidized by the medical services plan of British Columbia. 

What is the benefit of seeing a naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic doctors spend time with their patients to understand their individual needs regarding health. They strive to determine the cause of illness, they do not just treat the symptoms. By implementing the least invasive approach to health as well as addressing the underlying cause of illness patients are less likely to experience undesirable adverse effects of medications as well as experience a longer term solution to their healthcare. Further, naturopathic doctors tailor programs to suit an individual’s need and work as a team with the patient to realize their health goals. 

What is the cost of seeing a naturopathic doctor?

It is important to consider health as an investment. Just as one invests in the maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle to extend the lifespan, it is equally, if not more important to invest in your health. Achieving an optimal level of health can improve life expectancy by years because when one is healthy, they are not engaging in habits that promote illness.