Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine

The use of plant extracts used individually or in concert with other herbs to treat ailments or to support health.  Scientific research supports and validates the use of standardized plant extracts in the treatment and prevention of disease.  Botanical extracts offer a gentle and safe therapeutic effect without adverse effects on health. 

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition in our clinic borrows from the concepts of the most current cutting edge research for the purpose of health and wellness.  Nutritional deficiencies are often the impetus to disease processes.  A naturopathic doctor is trained to identify and address potential nutritional deficiencies and restore health with a balanced diet, nutritional supplementation and/or intravenous delivery of nutrients. 

Food Sensitivity Testing

 Food Sensitivity Testing is conducted on patients in order to identify food intolerances and design an individual’s dietary plan.  Unlike food allergies, food intolerances are low grade food sensitivities such that with chronic exposure to that food one may tax their overall function. 


 Counseling involves working with the patient to feel empowered with their health.  After conducting a thorough assessment of risk factors, a program is designed tailored to the patient to modify behavior with an emphasis on self-responsibility.  Mental attitudes and emotions may also affect one’s physical state of health. Dietary and nutritional counseling as well as stress management strategies will better equip an individual to realize their optimal health potential.  At the clinic we offer individualized dietary and nutritional support programs along with the tools one needs to make informed choices. 

FirstLine Therapy

 An easy and effective therapeutic lifestyle change program to not only address the underlying cause of many illnesses today but also to maximize weight loss.  Although patients on FLT will typically experience weight loss, unlike other programs there is a particular emphasis on fat loss.  As we age our muscle is replaced with fat and this typically presents with an increase in abdominal girth or “belly fat.”  There is a multitude of serious health problems associated with an increase in body fat or an unhealthy body composition.  Even an individual with an appropriate weight for their height may have an unhealthy body composition.  For example an individual at a healthy body weight may have a high body fat content with respect to their muscle mass.  This “skinny fat” individual will have the same disease propensities as an obese person.  Call the clinic today to find out how we can determine your body composition. 



Utilizes the healing power of water to enhance immune function and detoxification.  The art and science of medicinal bathing is one of the oldest medical treatments according to documentation by Hippocrates.  Throughout its history, therapeutic bathing has been used as a preventative, curative and palliative treatment as well as to improve the general well being of the patient.  In the clinic we recommend Peat baths for a variety of diseases, from internal medicine to sports injuries, from dermatology to cosmetology and detoxification. 

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine is the use of gentle nontoxic medicines to assist the body in healing.  It is a form of biological medicine that is derived from plant, mineral or animal sources which work to stimulate the body’s natural tendency to heal as well as to fortify an individual’s constitution.

Intravenous Therapy

The delivery of sterile solutions containing therapeutic nutrients essential to treat acute or chronic ailments into the body via a vein.  For individuals requiring higher potency of nutrients or those with maldigestion/malabsorption problems, it is by far the most effective medium of delivery.  It is even useful in the acute scenario in smaller doses to rapidly boost function.  This route of administration is more effective than an oral dose because we bypass the gastro-intestinal tract, allowing for better nutrient penetration and resulting in a rapid onset of improvement.  Even patients who are needle shy will often return for booster injections because of their effects.  A fine needle is inserted into the vein of an arm making the experience virtually painless.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The delivery of oxygen under pressure, thereby allowing for easy dissolution of oxygen within the body fluids, namely the blood and tissues.  Oxygen is an element vital to the sustenance of every single cell in our body. As we age and as our environment becomes more polluted, our body becomes deficient in this essential nutrient. Unlike other elements, we cannot supplement oxygen in our body by taking a pill or even by changing our diet. At normal pressure, our oxygen carrying cells (red blood cells) are saturated and therefore cannot carry any more oxygen.  During hyperbaric oxygen therapy the body is placed under gentle pressure which allows for the lung tissue to become more saturated with oxygen, thereby allowing the red blood cells to extract more oxygen from the lungs.